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Bob and Jeff's show has been described as a cross between Jimmy Buffett and the Smothers Brothers. Half music. Half comedy. Half sing-alongs. Half ridiculous toasts. And half audience involvement make for a total experience much larger than the sum of its parts.

In the beginning.....

One day, long, long ago the first amoeba crawled out of the primordial swamp. It's name was Bob. And it did.

Don't you hate bios that go too far back?

Here's the Change of Pace story in a nutshell:

In 1981 Bob and Jeff were college roommates at Towson University (then Towson State University). They decided to enter a Gong Show to win cash because they wanted to go uptown and have a beer or two. (If you are too young or too old to remember The Gong Show google it. No don't. It's not worth it.) Bob and Jeff (who played a few chords on guitar) learned a song called "Drunken' Sailor" and performed it very quickly to try and avoid THE GONG. This brilliant strategy worked and they won $100, I think.

The following year Bob and Jeff were not allowed to enter the Gong Show, having won previously and were therefore still holding the title of "reigning champions." Towson asked Bob and Jeff to host the show however and they were compensated (with no negotiation mind you) a princely sum of $300, I think.

Here's about where the light bulb went on over their heads. "We can make money doing this? And we don't even have to win a contest? Cool?" They immediately quit working at Roy Rogers (If you are too young or too old to remember Roy Rogers fast food google it. No don't. It's not worth it.) and officially entered the Entertainment Industry. The first regular gig was the memorable "Ground Round" where they cut their comedy teeth and stole most of their songs and material from the freak show that was their audience. Today, over 400 people claim to have been regular "Ground Rounders" although the place only held about 100. The audience had nothing better to do and kept coming back. And drinking. And eating. A lot.

Another light bulb lit above the heads of our two heroes when they came to the realization that the more alcohol their audience consumed, the more money they could charge to play there. This is how the oh-so-frequent toasts became an integral part of the show.

The gigs came in from all around the Baltimore/Washington region and the boys decided to expand to the college and resorts markets. They stayed loyal to the region, playing Towson University every semester and in legendary haunts around Maryland like "The Horse You Came in On Saloon," (every Tuesday for 5 years+), "The Barn," (every Monday for 5 years+) "The Angler" and "Big Pecker's." The college tours ranged from Western PA to Northern NY and Southern VA with a short run in Colorado. The resorts included Ocean City, MD, Virginia Beach, St. Thomas, Bermuda, and the infamous "Sloppy Joe's" in Key West, FL, where they performed nightly for a record seven weeks straight.

Bob and Jeff self produced and sold two CD's (they actually sold more than two CD's total, but there were two different CD's you could buy) under their own label, Delta Pace.

The IRS, marriage and kids completely killed the momentum and Bob and Jeff began a descent into booze, drugs and craze dieting.

Just kidding. If you don't have a story like this, it's hard to win a Grammy.

Anyway. After living in separate cities, Sarasota, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Trumbull Connecticut (insert long story here) Bob and Jeff found themselves back in Baltimore once again. This was 2004.

Bob and Jeff are currently performing in the Baltimore area and hopefully they will record a third live CD with all new material soon.

Most recently they started a production company called Delta Pace. Bob and Jeff organize, produce and sometimes perform in concerts and instructional guitar clinics in and around the Baltimore Metro area. Check out the Delta Pace website or www.BestOfTheBestConcerts.com for more information.

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